Qinling Mountains illegal villa renovation life meeting

On November 12, Hu Ping, Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, participated in and directed the special democratic life meeting on villa renovation at the northern foot of Qinling Mountains, a party and government group in Xi'an, and delivered a speech. He stressed that Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization and his important speech and instructions on violating the construction of villas in Xi'an on the northern foot of Qinling Mountains should be thoroughly studied and implemented so as to draw lessons from them, strengthen the "four consciousness" and resolutely implement the "two safeguards" so as to promote strict Party governance and economic and social development in an all-round way. A new step.gay massage
At the meeting, the Standing Committee of Xi'an Municipal Party Committee, the Party group of the municipal government and its members, combined with the problem of violating the villa construction, searched the problems comprehensively from the aspects of politics, ideology, work and style, deeply analyzed the causes, carried out in-depth criticism and self-criticism, and made clear the direction and measures of rectification. Wang Yongkang, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Xi'an municipal Party committee, chaired the meeting. Hu Runze, director of the Standing Committee of the Xi'an Municipal People's Congress, attended the meeting.
In his speech, Hu Ping pointed out that in the special renovation of villas at the northern foot of Qinling Mountains, Xi'an resolutely implemented the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, fully implemented the requirements of the Central Special Renovation Working Group, conscientiously implemented the arrangements of the provincial Party Committee, and did a lot of work in thorough investigation, thorough investigation, thorough renovation and thorough investigation and punishment. It played an important role in achieving good results in special rectification.male massage
Hu pointed out that at this special democratic life conference, people insisted on putting themselves in, put their thoughts in, put their work in and put their responsibilities in. They took a serious attitude and achieved the goal of deep reflection and improvement. Next, we should continue to improve our political standing, deeply understand the extreme importance of strict political discipline and rules, deeply understand that the strict party must face up to problems, act hard, and dare to assume the most basic requirements for leading cadres, and conscientiously integrate ideas and actions into the spirit of the central government.gay club
Hu emphasized that we should strengthen political construction and put a clear banner on politics throughout all our work. We should always keep a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee, whose core is Comrade Xi Jinping, in terms of political stand, political direction, political principles and political road. We should firmly establish the concept that green mountains are Jinshan and Yinshan. We should learn lessons, learn from mistakes and make corrections, continue to consolidate and expand the achievements of special renovation, and resolutely fight for the protection of green mountains, blue sky, clear water and pure land. We should strengthen the spirit of responsibility, focus on catching up with and surpassing the goals and the "five solid" requirements, focus on key tasks such as the construction of the central city of the country, do a good job of people's livelihood, and promote the economic and social development of Xi'an as a new meteorological and new act.gay sauna
Hu Ping demanded that we should effectively change our style of work, strictly implement the spirit of the Eight Provincial Provisions of the Central Committee and implement the measures adopted by the Provincial Party Committee, and resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy. Leading cadres should take the above rate and take the initiative to reform the style and normalize the work style. We should fully fulfill the political responsibility of governing the Party and resolutely investigate and deal with the problems of violations of discipline and corruption. We should take Wei Minzhou and Feng Xinzhu as negative examples, and Qian Yinan's serious violations of discipline and discipline as profound lessons. We should conscientiously carry out the work of promoting reform through cases and warning education, and constantly lead the overall strict control of the Party to a deeper level.gay spa
Wang Yongkang said that Xi'an's party and government team will take the special democratic life meeting as an opportunity to learn lessons and be brave behind shame, study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and instructions in depth, regard politics as the lifeline of all work, firmly establish the "four consciousness" and resolutely implement the "two safeguards" in a practical way. Strict Party's political discipline, earnestly overcome formalistic bureaucracy, earnestly fulfill the political responsibility of governing the Party, deeply study and practise Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, serve the whole province to catch up with and surpass the overall situation, interpret the original mission and practice loyalty to the Party through practical actions such as seeking truth and pragmatism, earnestly grasping the practical work and taking it as a task.neil massage
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