The flower grandma picked up ten thousand yuan and handed it to the police.

After midnight, the bar door.
A 75-year-old grandmother with gray hair and hobbled feet sells flowers at the bar entrance of the Huanglong Sports Center in Hangzhou. In the cold wind, she kept rubbing hands and stamping her feet for warmth.
Suddenly, she saw a black handbag near the roadside. Open a look, a thick envelope, there are more than ten thousand yuan.
Grandma selling flowers to the police at ten thousand yuan in the morning: no longer greedy after being poor.
What will you do when facing a large stack of cash?gay massage
3 o'clock in the morning, the gate of Huanglong bar.
Grandma Lu found a bag containing tens of thousands of dollars in cash and a pile of papers.
The grandmother who sells flowers is named Lu. She is 75 years old and sells flowers to supplement her family's expenses one day.
At 3 a.m. on November 10, Grandma Lu was still selling flowers on the roadside. Seeing that the people in the bar were almost scattered, she was ready to go home from the stall.male massage
Suddenly, Grandma Lu caught sight of a black handbag on the roadside at the bar entrance. She opened it and saw that besides her wallet and certificate, there was also a thick pile of cash.
"Such a lot of money, the loss of people must be very anxious, I sold flowers on the side while guarding."
After waiting for more than an hour, the bar has already ended the night's hustle and bustle, selling flowers is naturally no business. In the end, it turned into an old lady waiting for the owner to find the bag.
It was getting lighter. Grandma Lu couldn't wait. First, she took this big bag of money back so that no one could take it away.
Grandma Lu sent the bag to the police station by herself.
With such a bag of money beside her, the old lady was nervous and frightened. Back home, she immediately told her daughter, Mrs. Wu.
After discussing, Grandma decided to go to Yuquan Police Station. She had to hand over the black leather bag to the police, so she could rest club
Grandma selling flowers to the police at ten thousand yuan in the morning: no longer greedy after being poor.
At noon, my daughter accompanied her landing grandmother to the Yuquan Police Station, and the police said, "My mother found a bag in the morning, which contained a lot of money and documents. We can't find the owner anyway, so I want to ask you to help me find the owner."
The police opened the big bag with a black leather briefcase inside.
Pull it aside, it's really valuable: there are more than 10,000 cash in the bag, as well as small wallets, identity cards, medical insurance books and more than 10 bank cards and other important documents.
Grandma Lu
"No matter how poor we are, we should not be greedy for other people's things".
"No matter how poor we are, we must not be greedy for other people's things." Grandma Lu repeatedly said this sentence at the police station.
In fact, the conditions in her family are not very bar
Her daughter, Ms. Wu, has been in Hangzhou for more than ten years. She works in a dairy company. Her income is about 3000 a month. Her husband lives on the construction site. With the addition of children, grandma Lu went out to sell flowers and subsidized some families many years spa
Those flowers were bought by Ms. Wu. After dinner every day, Grandma Lu took an hour's bus to downtown to sell flowers at the bar entrance until the next morning when the bar closed and went home.
However, flowers are not very sellable. Grandma Lu complained that she had sold flowers near Huanglong, but was driven away by the staff and refused to sell them before she went to the International Garden area.
Owner of lost property
"Please keep grandma, I want to thank you in person!"
Ms. Wu added that mother had been talking all night, saying she needed to send the bag to the police station for the police. When the police searched the ID card information, they quickly contacted the owner.
The owner was a middle-aged man surnamed Xu. He was very excited. He heard that an old lady had picked up the bag. He repeatedly told the police, "Please keep Grandma. I want to thank you face to face."
Grandma selling flowers to the police at ten thousand yuan in the morning: no longer greedy after being poor.
The left daughter, Miss Wu, Miss Zhong Lu, the right owner, Mr. Xu.
About more than 20 minutes later, Mr. Xu drove to the police station. As soon as he entered the hall, he thanked him with both hands, and then gripped grandma Lu's sauna
Later, I heard that Grandma Lu's family conditions were normal. Mr. Xu offered Grandma Lu thousands of yuan and sent them home.
"I drank with my friends that night, and I drank too late at night. Later, he sent his friends back, a bunch of things were busy, and when he reacted, he could not remember where the bag went. Mr. Xu said that when he returned to the bar the next day, nobody knew where the bag was going, and his heart suddenly cooled, thinking that the bag should not be found. Unexpectedly, Grandma Lu will be so kind, has been keeping the bag, but also waited for me for so long, really very touched.neil massage
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