Briefing on post disaster disposal of major road traffic accidents

Notification of aftercare work
On November 3, 2018, after a major road traffic accident occurred in Lanlin section of Lanhai Expressway (G75), the three-level Party Committee governments of Gansu Province, Lanzhou City and Qilihe District immediately started the emergency response mechanism, and the main leaders were assigned to the accident scene and the medical treatment points for command and rescue at the first time. Through the joint efforts of provincial, municipal and district Party Committee governments and relevant departments, the resettlement of the dead has basically ended, and the rescue and treatment of the wounded and the comfort of their families have been carried out in an orderly manner. The following are the following:gay massage
First, the aftermath of the deceased's disposal.
"11.3" major road traffic accidents caused 15 deaths. Lanzhou Municipal Government immediately set up a leading group on accident disposal, set up eight working groups, and appointed more than 200 staff members. According to the principle of one working group for each deceased, one-to-one responsibility for coordinating the rehabilitation of the deceased and the reception and reassurance of their families has been given to each of them in advance. Family members of the deceased paid 100,000 yuan in advance for funeral expenses, and properly arranged the food and lodging of 129 family members who came to Lanzhou from other places. The Party Committee government of Linxia and Dongxiang counties actively cooperated with Lanzhou City to comfort and console the families of the deceased. As of November 10, 14 deceased persons had been buried with the cooperation of the relevant county and district Party Committee governments and relevant departments; at present, one deceased person was buried after treatment.
Two. Treatment of injured persons,male massage
After the accident, a total of 45 people were sent to the hospital for examination and treatment. According to the principle of "first treatment, then unified settlement", the hospitals receiving the injured took all measures to treat the injured. Among them, 22 people left the hospital in the early morning of November 4 after being checked and unconditionally, and 6 people were discharged after receiving treatment. Seventeen people were hospitalized, of whom two were in critical condition and were being further treated after consultation by experts. Fifteen were in stable condition and could be discharged in the near future after treatment. At the same time, 40 people were selected and four hospital working groups were set up to properly solve the food and lodging problems of 133 family members of the wounded in four hospitals. At present, the injured and their families have been spa
Three. Next step
The accident recovery team will focus on three aspects: first, continue to coordinate the work of the family members of the deceased who have not been buried; second, actively coordinate the follow-up treatment and family comfort of the wounded in the hospital to ensure that the wounded can receive the best treatment and minimize the disability caused by injury; third, actively cooperate with the accident investigation team to do a good job of the dead and wounded. Members'compensation work should communicate with the family members of the casualties in time to ensure that follow-up compensation work is carried out in accordance with the law, smoothly and orderly.neil massage
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