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CCTV News (News Broadcast): Recently, in an interview with CCTV reporters, Ying Yong, mayor of Shanghai and Lou Qinjian, Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, said that General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the private enterprise Symposium pointed out the direction for further promoting the healthy development of private economy. Shanghai and Jiangsu are carrying out one by one in accordance with local conditions, striving to create a better environment for the development of private enterprises and promote the high-quality development of private massage
Since the beginning of this year, Shanghai has registered 1332 newly registered enterprises on every working day, of which 96.4% are private enterprises. Especially in the new generation of information technology, intelligent network, automobile and other fields, a number of private enterprises have emerged.
Ying Yong said that Shanghai always attached great importance to the development of private economy and insisted on "two unwavering". We will unremittingly promote the co-existence and common development of state-owned, civilian and foreign capital cooperation, and unremittingly promote equal treatment and equal treatment of state-owned, civilian and foreign sauna
Recently, during his visit to Shanghai, General Secretary Xi Jinping asked Shanghai to aim at the highest standards and standards, optimize government services and create an international first-class business environment.
Ying Yong said, "three" is to launch three 10 billion yuan, including 10 billion yuan of listed company bailout fund, 10 billion yuan of credit loans and guaranteed loans, 10 billion yuan of policy financing guarantee fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to alleviate the difficulty of financing for private enterprises.male massage
"Fourth" is to reduce the "four costs", including the full implementation of tax preferential policies, reduce land use costs, factor costs, institutional transaction costs, and reduce costs and burdens for private enterprises.
"Five" is to strengthen the "five supports", including vigorously cultivating leading and backbone enterprises, supporting technological transformation of enterprises, supporting technological innovation of enterprises, creating a good environment for the growth of enterprise talents, encouraging enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets, and creating conditions for private enterprises to enhance their core club
At present, private enterprises have created Shanghai's gross domestic product (1/4) and 1/3's tax revenue. Private enterprises have become an indispensable force in Shanghai's economic and social development and an important manifestation of the city's economic vitality.
In an interview with reporters, Lou Qinjian, Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, said that General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the private enterprise Symposium boosted confidence, pointed out the direction and proposed solutions to the difficulties encountered in the development of private spa
At the beginning of this month, Jiangsu Province promulgated "Several Policies and Measures on Further Reducing Enterprise Burden and Promoting High-quality Development of Real Economy". There are 28 specific measures in 8 aspects, which directly hit the cost of enterprise tax burden, land use, electricity use and institutional transactions. It is expected to reduce the burden on enterprises by 60 billion yuan.
Lou Qinjian told reporters that private economy is a "main force" of Jiangsu's economic development, a "initiative" of scientific and technological innovation, and a "main channel" for employment. Jiangsu has begun to implement the reform of "separation of licenses" in the first batch of 106 items of administrative examination and approval for enterprises in the province, in four ways: canceling the examination and approval directly, changing the record of examination and approval, implementing the promise of notification and optimizing access services, and canceling the management of production licenses for 14 types of industrial products.neil massage
At present, Jiangsu Province is carrying out a wide range of business visits. On the basis of full investigation, suggestions will be put forward to promote the high-quality development of private economy and further release the development momentum of private enterprises.
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