After studying abroad, the girl's body was found on the cliff

Recently, many teachers and students of Zhejiang University have forwarded an announcement to look for a 2013 undergraduate graduate of Zhejiang University, Tan Yumin, who returned to study in the UK.
But in the early morning of yesterday, the unfortunate news came that the girls who lost their couplets for many days had found them, but unfortunately the people had massage
"She wants to go to the law temple, but why didn't she go to the law temple?" Tan Yumin's father smoked and stood in the police station. He kept repeating this question. He looked dull and then walked to the door in a daze.
At this time, relatives and friends still stayed at the police station door, communicating in a low voice in dialect. Most of the male relatives and friends smoked one after another. Considering that many relatives had not eaten well, the police prepared some evening snacks, but no one came forward to take them.male massage
From the moment they learned the news, parents and relatives and friends showed great restraint, until 1:15 a.m. when the reporter left the police station, no relatives and friends freely vented their emotions, and this restraint, in the early winter and late night, seemed particularly spa
Five hours ago, at 8 o'clock on the evening of the 15th, nearly 20 members of the Rams team rushed from their homes to Lingyin police station, assembled and on standby, and went up with the police to assist in the search and rescue work.
After studying abroad, the girl was found on the cliff under the cliff of the body.
It is very difficult to search the mountain forest at night, and the continuous rainfall in Hangzhou recently makes the mountain wet and slippery, which makes the search more difficult. After arriving at the place where the tourists picked up the mobile phone with the help of a bright flashlight, the Ram team members judged a suspicious point in the vicinity according to the scene environment comprehensively and carried out club
Rainfall increased in the latter half of the night, the team dropped nearly 30 meters through the rope to the bottom of the cliff to search for the suspected missing person. Unfortunately, Tan Yumin had no vital signs when he was found.
Regret, sadness and unacceptability, because everyone around us knows how good a child this is!
Tan Yumin's classmate Zhang was far away in Shanghai. He was in such a low mood these days. I can't believe that such an excellent classmate is no longer here. These days, there are a lot of tweets in my class, full of the voice of missing her.
Teachers are also distressed. A radio teacher who likes Tan Yumin wrote in the circle of friends in Weixin that children who laugh sweetly still can't believe it to this bar
"Tan Yumin is a very stable child, after entering the university, he has a very clear goal of going abroad, and has been working hard for going abroad, doing things very planned." Mr. Zhang remembered that Tan Yumin had four people in a dormitory. They would be together after class, and their grades were very good.
Eliminating the appearance of academic bully, "a girl who speaks softly and walks in a lovely way in daily life" is Zhang's evaluation after he gets along with others.
Cao students of the Department of Journalism, Zhejiang University, Grade 2013, have some classes with Tan Yumin in their undergraduate course. Tan Yumin Ai laughs and speaks. In the group work, "Tan Yumin is the backbone." Modest, enthusiastic and cheerful is the impression of Cao classmate on Tan Yumin. "After the incident, I have been actively forwarding, hoping to help. I didn't expect... Now we can only recall it through photos. "gay sauna
The passing of this excellent child has also made a family fragmented. For Dad Tan, his persistence and hope are all gone.
Tan Daddy has been sailing in Qiandao Lake. He used to have a boat. Because of his professional relationship, there is not a tourist spot like Longshan Island, Suo Island and Meifeng Guandao that he is unfamiliar with. Of course, he knows well about where the watercourse is deeper and when the water level is even lighter. Later, the ships in Qiandao Lake were managed by company, and he became a boatman.
It can be said that my daughter is the only hope for my sex massage
Go to school, read training classes, study abroad... The daughter is very competitive, and everything has been developed step by step in the surprise and admiration of others. "Too bad, how does this make people live?" One insider sighed that his daughter's departure was the result that his father could not bear at all. "Everyone has his own life, but for his father, his daughter is more important than his own life."
In the face of tragedy, maybe any comforting words are pale and powerless. We can only sincerely hope that similar tragedy reports will be over. We are really unwilling to recall those scenes of loss, search and anxiety; unwilling to accept that helpless but cold result, of course, even more unwilling. See a daughter, a classmate, a beautiful life's departure.neil massage
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