Star hotel health chaos revealed the cause of exposure

On Wednesday, Nov. 14, Mr. Wu became the focus of heated discussion because of the exposure of hotel hygiene disorder on the social platform. He also became the pin in the eyes of others. He was leaked personal information by a hotel and pulled into the blacklist. In nearly 12 minutes of exposure videos, 14 waiters in five-star hotels and even top international hotels generally use bath towels and square towels as rags, scrubbing hand pools, cups and even massage
Although worried about personal safety, facing various media, Mr. Wu still insists on responding to hotel problems with honesty, just like his previous style. He has promoted the process of many Internet issues by identifying officials' names and exposing corruption. Because of his work, Mr. Wu has been traveling frequently at home and abroad since 2012. He claims that he lives most in hotels in China. Until 2017, he began to doubt the hotel.male massage
Although he has heard of the hotel hygiene chaos, but he feels that he is quite careful about the choice of a trustworthy and safe hotel is not so, but this embarrassment led to Mr. Wu's attempt to photograph.
In order to avoid being recognized or even pulled into the blacklist, Mr. Wu abandoned his permanent hotels and selected more than 30 hotels. First, he took pictures of hotels of the same grade and belonging to different groups, and then he took pictures of higher grades. After a year of latent photography, Mr. Wu found out from 14 Hotels with better video quality that, in his words, hygiene disorders affected nearly 100% of the high-end hotels in all spa
Mr. Wu: In a hotel in Shanghai, the elder sister took a toilet brush and stacked the rags on the toilet brush. She brushed the toilet first, then picked up the dishcloth and wiped everywhere. Finally, she wiped the cup. Then she took the red dishcloth and ran to the next toilet to wipe the toilet. This is very impressive. Also in Shanghai, a waitress was very creative. She went to the bathroom and squeezed out some shampoo or bath gel to soak the coffee cups in the sink.
Although there are some industry standards such as "Rules for Cleaning Cups and Cups in Tourist Rooms", insiders say that Mr. Wu's exposure is widespread at home and abroad. In recent years, similar incidents in China have been reported repeatedly. He calculates accounts, such as reusing cups and utensils for cleaning and disinfection. Even if manual labor is included, the cost of cleaning is a drop in the bucket in front of hotel profits. He feels that these phenomena run counter to the current construction of integrity, overdrawing the trust of the hotel guests, and more directly endangering the health of the bar
As of Friday, 13 hotels had issued apology statements, and only one hotel's public relations thought Mr. Wu's exposure video was illogical. The previous day, the relevant departments took samples of the hotel cups on site, indicating that the number of microorganisms examined was 0, which was in a very clean state.
Mr. Wu: if you just treat it as a public relations crisis, it's very easy to deal with it. I can get good marks for checking, but this is not a goal we want to club
After the video exposure, some industry experts admitted that "this decade has been a decade of deteriorating hotel quality in China." Although Mr. Wu was disappointed, he felt that the problem could be solved. According to his observation, Japan and Vietnam are doing well, while some hotels in Hangzhou and Xiamen in China can put the cups in the disinfection room to clean up. Because of the secrecy of sanitation cleaning, he also advised waiters to wear recorders for supervision. Such an attempt can be followed in Yantai, Shandong Province. It is also because of the hotel's secrecy that Mr. Wu's photography has been questioned: is it not too easy to disclose the privacy of other residents if the camera is installed so easily?gay sauna
Mr. Wu: I started to emphasize this video. Firstly, I took pictures in my room during my stay, but only in the condition of hygiene and cleanliness. I didn't take pictures of anything else. Second, I must have taken this thing when I checked out. ?
Photographing does not reveal the hidden dangers of hotel privacy and security. Mr. Wu once thought that it was not decent to take photos. But later, he insisted that the reason was to correct some bias of public opinion. He believed that it was not because every ordinary person could afford to stay in a high-end hotel that he felt it was related to him, but to break down the beauty of it. The illusions of things and high-end hotels are the same. The hygienic condition of ordinary hotels can be imagined. As a result, the exposure has aroused widespread public concern. There are waves of self-help guides to stay in hotels. Mr. Wu insists that he has no better way to stay, let alone fall into the logical trap of self-help.
Threats from the hotel and mother's reminder, Mr. Wu, who has just passed his 40th birthday, only wants to live a safe and secure life in the future. He admits that he may only do it once, and he can't expect the problem to be solved at a great personal cost, let alone by the person who poses the problem.
Comment on Bai Yansong
This kind of chaos in star hotels is not the first time to be exposed. In our program, it has been reported in detail before. At that time, it also caused great concern and the wave of rectification. But there was only a gust of wind, so this time again. So if there is such a high degree of attention this time, there will be no next time. Frankly speaking, I am not optimistic, because people are not reliable, only hard constraints and mechanisms are reliable. But precisely this wave of rectification has a more expressive nature, and I have not yet seen a reassuring monitoring mechanism and restraint method in my bones. Will there be next?neil massage
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