Give men artificial respiration, family members to thank

Yan Mei, 23, still feels that she has only done a little thing to raise her hand, and has no idea that it will lead to a series of things: aunt and salesperson will block her, family members will look for her, and even the leaders of the courtyard will "persuade" her. What happened?
Yan Mei is a nurse in Department of endocrinology of Taizhou First People's Hospital. Nurses are always busy in their daily work. Yan Mei is used to it. Once she gets off work, Yan Mei is busy going home as long as it's not her turn to be on duty.
At 4:00 p.m. on November 10, Yan Mei arrived at the West Railway Station as usual. As she was getting ready to get on the bus, she saw a group of people surrounded massage
Yan Mei went up to look at him, but he couldn't help it. A man lay motionless on the ground with a blue face. People around him busily pinched him and clapped his feet.
Yan Mei was in a hurry, crowded into the crowd and squatted down to touch the man's carotid artery, but it was so weak that she could hardly feel it. Combined with the performance of the man, Yan Mei judged that the man should have sudden cardiovascular disease.
Yan Mei immediately knelt down to the floor and began pressing her heart. Press a few times, the man's mouth began to dirty flow out, Yan Mei too late to think, wipe out the dirt flow after the start of artificial respiration, press a few times, blow.
Under Yan Mei's precise and forceful press, the man who had just returned to his face and had no response suddenly woke up. The crowd around him cheered, but soon, the man's eyes closed again.
Yan Mei dared not stop. The whole person was lying on the patient. All his strength was pressed up. His face was red and he was gasping for breath.male massage
This lasted for a few minutes, and the ambulance arrived in time, and the patient was carried on the train. Men at that time, thanks to Yan Mei's continuous pressing and artificial breathing, had recovered some heartbeats, and their faces were more rosy than before.
Seeing that the man was taken away by an ambulance, Yan Mei sighed with relief and turned to go, only to find that her legs had already softened. Cardiac compression is a very physically demanding operation. It takes a few minutes of continuous cardiac compression to make the girl, who is already thin, overdrawn.
Yan Mei climbed onto the bus, and the conductor of the bus came.
"Girl, you are amazing. I heard you say you are a nurse." It's amazing that you saved people like this. What's your name? In which hospital do you work?gay club
Yan Meiyao shook his head and refused to reveal his name and work unit. But apparently the conductor aunt has been watching her. "This kind of good deeds should be praised. Tell your aunt your name and unit."gay spa
It was still rejected by Yan Mei. Unexpectedly, the conductor suddenly played a lazy, the whole person blocked in front of the beautiful face, "If you don't tell the aunt, the aunt will not let you go, you are a good person, aunt must know you!"
Being entangled in it, Yan Mei had to tell her that her surname was Yan, and the conductor's aunt just "Rao" her.
The car rocked for nearly an hour and finally arrived at Ningxi. When Yan Mei arrived home, she called her colleague in the emergency room of the hospital to inquire about the man who had been sent to her. The colleague did not go to work that day, so he inquired about it and returned to Yan Mei and called her back. "At present, it is still in treatment, not out of danger, but it is still possible to cure it."
Originally thought that this was the end of the matter, did not expect that the family of the rescued man learned the situation, began to inquire about the rescue nurse that day. They found the conductor auntie, and the aunt betrayed her sauna
In the next few days, family members began to search the whole city. All hospitals, including clinics and health centers in towns and villages, asked one by one whether there was a kind-hearted female nurse named Yan, including the First People's Hospital of Taizhou, but they did not know at first. Taizhou First People's Hospital has more than 2,000 medical staff, while Yan Mei is only 23 years old, working for three years. She is a low-key and down-to-earth person on weekdays. There are not many people who know her in the hospital, so she was not found at first.
At noon on November 13, Yan Mei, who was taking a lunch break, was woken up by the ringtone of his mobile phone and confused. The other party was a girl. "Nurse Yan, we can find you. We are so hard to find!" After listening to a brief introduction, Yan Mei responded, and the other side was his family member who helped him on that day. The other side expressed the hope that she could come to thank her in person this bar
"You don't want to come. You don't need to be grateful. It's our medical staff's job. Really don't come. I don't see you either. Yan Mei refused.
Family members came to the president's office to seek help, and told him about the situation at that time and their desire to see the beautiful side. It was only at this time that the Dean realized that such a thing had happened, and immediately expressed to communicate with Yan Mei.
After the meeting, the family members thanked each other. One of the young girls hugged Yan Mei and ran to tears. "Nurse sister, you must have been sent by heaven to save my father. Without you, my father might have disappeared on the spot."
In conversation, Yan Mei knows that the man she rescued the other day is Wang Zhengbao. The girl who cried with her was Wang Chai, Wang Zhengbao's daughter. The girl had just joined the work. She also had a sick mother and a younger brother. Wang Zhengbao, 54, was the backbone of the family.
"Maybe you think what you're doing is what you should do, but you don't know what it means to my whole family to rescue you." The girl burst into tears again.neil massage
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