I didn't finish my homework. It was too difficult for my mother to throw the roa

At about 17 p.m. that evening, the Hangyuquan police station received a public alarm: downstairs of a building on Yugu Road, a seven-year-old girl could not find her home.
Bai Wenyu quickly arrived at the scene. On the roadside stood a little girl in a pink and white cotton jacket, carrying a pink schoolbag and combing a ponytail. She was very cute.gay massage
Seeing the arrival of the police uncle, the little girl was graceful and calm, not nervous at all.
She told Bai Wenyu that he was called Tian Tian (a pseudonym), a first-year student in a primary school in Xihu District.
"Mom asked me to walk home by myself, and I came here as I walked." The little girl said that when her mother came to pick her up after school and found that her composition was not well written, she got angry and gave her a few sentences and went away on her own.
Well, is this too damn heart?male massage
However, the most urgent thing is to help the little girl find parents.
Fortunately, Bai Wen Yu's experience is also very rich. If the girl is really scolded by her mother, it is better to start with other parents.
Asked Bai Wenyu, the little girl answered clearly and clearly. Unexpectedly, the little girl's father and grandparents are not usually in Hangzhou, and the little girl can not remember her parents'phone calls.
But the little girl mentioned where her grandparents were at home, where she was not sure, but she knew how to go.
Wen Yu took Tian Tian to her car and took it to her home by Tian Tian's direction. Wen Yu contacted her school and hoped that the school would help contact her parents.gay spa
Bai Wenyu is still thinking that the parents are too irresponsible. But this way, the little girl's performance, but let white Wen rain some doubts.
Because driving all the way to the little girl's house, the little girl did not look lost at all. It was clear that she was "turning here and walking this way" along the way. But where the little girl lives, and her school is only two or three hundred meters, how can she walk to Yugu Road three kilometers away?
Arriving at the door of the fifth floor of Tiantian, Bai Wenyu knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered. There was obviously no one at home.
At that moment, Tien's mother received the news and sent a call to Bai Wenyu.
The truth came out.
Titian's mother said that because he had to work overtime on the same day, he went to school to pick up Tien Tien's unit. Tien Tien refused to do her homework well, so she trained a few words. Tien Tien was unhappy and ran away. Mother thought that the children were staying in the company building, and she was busy working overtime. She didn't care too much for a moment, and she didn't want to run out alone peacefully.
Until the school contacted the mother of Titian, she learned that her daughter went out alone and was picked up by the police.
When she learned that the police had sent Tian Tian to her door, her mother said that her grandfather and grandmother had been traveling a few days ago and there was no one in the family. In fact, Tian Tian also knew that her grandfather and grandmother were not there.
This way of development, let white Wen rain some laugh and cry. He had to walk down the stairs and drive to the place where his mother went to work. The place where Tien's mother works is the place where she first picked up Titian.
That composition question is too difficult! It's not that simple! " On the way back, I cried peacefully and told the truth as I cried: "I can't do it. My mother scolded me. It's not good for me. I don't want to be with her. I want to be with my grandparents."
What is the question of composition, so that Tien tin alone on the road, and even lied? Besides, in the first grade of primary school, how did I begin to write a composition?gay club
After that, Bai Wen Yu realized that Tien Tien was wrong. In fact, it was Tian Tian's mother who asked for Tian Tian's preview + reciting the text "four seasons". "Four Seasons" is a modern children's poem. It has not been taught in school yet. She can't remember it peacefully and memorize it. She thinks it's too difficult.
Back to the beginning, where Titian was found, Titian's mother had been waiting downstairs.
Titian's mother sobbed and said to Bai Wen Yu, "I'm sorry to have caused you so much trouble. This child is too ignorant. She will recite my phone number from the kindergarten class. She knows that no one in the family has lied to you. Can you help her and educate her?
Bai Wenyu turned around and looked at the peaceful place, which was crying loudly. He smiled and asked, "Did you tell my uncle that you lied today?"gay sauna
Tien nodded.
"Then why lie?"
"I don't want to be with my mother, nor do I want you to find Mommy."
Tien Tien's mother heard this and said, "you are so unkind, the police uncle is going to take you away!"
Bai Wenyu said to Tian Tian: "The police uncle is a bad person, but Tian Tian is not a bad person. He just did some wrong things today. If he changed it, he would be a good boy, and his uncle would not catch you." But Tian Tian, you have to remember, uncle in addition to catching bad people, but also to help more people in need, you see today because you lied, let uncle white spent more than an hour to help you, so you can not help those who really need the help of uncle, this is not right, you know?
Nod titien nodded.
A small "Oolong" policing is over. Nevertheless, "If you are not good, the police uncle will take you away." Parents should never say anything to their children again.neil massage
White police officers reminded that children should still be based on reasoning, and beating and scolding will only make children more rebellious. Please do not indoctrinate children with the idea that they will be caught by the police if they do something wrong, so as to avoid the children's resistance to the police in a real critical moment and influence the timely and effective disposal of the public security organs. It is the duty of public security organs to crack down on crimes and serve the masses, but they should never be used for that purpose.
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