Bus drivers with rear wheels on fire change "firefighters" in seconds

Nanguo Metropolitan Daily, Nov. 21, many people in Haikou sent a message to their friends circle via Wechat. The driver of Haikou No. 54 bus stopped to pick up the fire extinguisher and helped a self-ignited pickup truck on the roadside to put out the fire in time with many enthusiastic people, thus avoiding a greater loss of property.gay massage
According to eyewitness Mr. Li recalled that around 8:10 a.m., he saw from the office building that day, a small silver van driving near the high-tech garden bus station, its left rear wheel suddenly ignited and smoked. gay spa At this time, a No. 54 bus passed this section, only to see that the bus stopped at a safe distance behind the small truck on fire, and the bus driver ran to the truck with a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire with a number of enthusiastic people. "They sprayed a fire extinguisher for five minutes and then the fire became smaller. After about 10 minutes, the fire was completely extinguished." Mr. Li said that because of the timely rescue, the fire did not cause too much damage to the van, not to mention the casualties.male massage
Sui Chengliang, the driver of Haikou City Bus Group Bus Tripartite Company, said that when the accident happened, he was driving the No. 54 bus to the dispatching point. On the way, he met a small truck with a fire on its left rear tire. "I didn't think much about it, so I felt that there was a fire extinguisher on the truck, and I stopped to help extinguish the fire. It's not worth mentioning."neil massage
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