Poisoning migratory birds and selling them cheaply to restaurants

Located in the Jiuduansha Wetland National Nature Reserve of the Yangtze Estuary, the midpoint of migratory bird migration route in eastern China is also the midpoint of migratory bird "East Asia-Australia" migration route. It is not only an indispensable transit station for many migratory birds to complete their migration, but also a habitat for many migratory birds to survive the winter. At present, at the peak of migratory bird migration, Jiuduansha ushered in a large number of migratory birds migrating southward, but also attracted some illegal poachers of migratory birds. What is more abhorrent is that the hunting methods of these bird hunters are poisoning.
On the morning of November 20, the police of Shanghai Branch of Yangtze River Shipping Public Security Bureau caught Chen Mou who had just returned from outside.gay mssage
On Chen Mou's small three-wheeler, the police found a blue woven bag containing five dead wild ducks.
Where on earth did these ducks come from? Police continue to search, Chen's wife Jiang Mou works in the orange garden, found two snakeskin bags of dead ducks.
According to statistics, there are 40 wild ducks in the two snake skin bags, together with five previously found, totaling 45. Among them, there are 33 zebra ducks and 12 mallard ducks. Most of them come from the northeast of China or even the Far East of Russia. They fly to Jiuduansha for winter in October every year and return to the north in April next year. The ducks were poisoned when they entered Jiuduansha Nature Reserve.male massage
These two kinds of wild ducks belong to the "Three Protected Animals" in the "List of Land Wildlife with Important Ecological, Scientific and Social Values under National Protection". For the wild animals on this list, they are illegal hunting during the prohibition period, in the prohibited hunting area or by illegal means.
Yu Xin, deputy director of Xing Police Station, Shanghai Branch Director of Yangtze River Shipping Public Security Bureau, said: "Because Jiuduansha is a beach, when the Yangtze River rises, they drive the boat into Jiuduansha Nature Reserve. After entering, they will take with them the necessities of life for ten days and a half months. The boat is hidden in the reed marsh. They live in boats. During this period, they engaged in some illegal hunting and fishing activities.
The public security scene dissected the duck and found: "After we cut the stomach of the duck, we found that there were many black particles in it. Now we see these particles, which are the bait he used to poison the wild duck, the pesticide carbofuran. These carbofuran ducks actually had no time to digest, these ducks on. It's all dead."gay spa
Carbofuran, also known as furan, is a broad-spectrum insecticide, which is highly toxic to birds and fish. It is enough to swallow one grain to kill. If poisoned birds, fish or insects are foraged by other animals, they can also cause secondary poisoning and death.
After exploring the scene, the police told reporters: "We found two packages of pesticide carbofuran under his stove, where he put his own seasoning, including his own rice. This carbofuran is the bait he used to poison wild ducks."
Chen explained that every day he sprinkled CBW directly on the beach of Jiuduan Sand and collected ducks at night. Usually, he would sell it to illegal operators at the price of 100 yuan each, and then the hotel operators would sell it to diners at the price of 300 yuan each.
"The ultimate goal of catching birds and wildlife is still to go to the dining table," said Hawkehua, head of law enforcement at Shanghai Wildlife Conservation and Management Station. "This poisonous food is also harmful to people's health when they eat it."gay club
Data show that before 2014, the number of wild ducks detected in Jiuduansha area was about 10,000, but in the past two years it has dropped to less than 2,000. The culprit is illegal hunters. Despite their hidden means and difficulty in obtaining evidence, the police are collecting information extensively and will intensify their efforts to protect the ecological environment and wildlife in the area.
Peng Weidong, Director-General of Shanghai Branch of Yangtze River Shipping Public Security Bureau, said: "Basic information should widely mobilize the masses and mobilize the strength of the people on our island. It is also helpful for the construction of Shanghai's internationalized metropolis to harness the ecological environment here and to protect the economic environment and natural environment of the Yangtze River Economic Zone, especially the Yangtze River Estuary, which is the entrance to the sea.neil massage
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