Bus Enters Rainbow Bay from Today

Earlier this morning, Tian Fangjing, who lives on Hongwan Road, was delighted to discover that he had a new bus line at his door, Bus 887, which can go directly to Rail Transit Line 3. Rainbow Bay, once the biggest guarantee housing base in downtown area of this city, has been alleviated. With the strong support and assistance of the municipal transportation department, the newly opened bus 887 road opens into Rainbow Bay today, making it more convenient for tens of thousands of residents living in and around Rainbow Bay to travel.gay massage
Tian Fangjing told reporters that she works on Jinshajiang Road and takes Rail Transit Line 3 every day. However, because there is no direct bus to the rail transit line 3 at home, she has to take Heimo to Jiangwan Town every day to take Line 3. Now there are 887 buses, and it is much easier for her to go to work every day.male massage
Since the construction of Rainbow Bay Guarantee Base, the problem of residents'travel difficulties has been plaguing them. Since last year, the city's transportation department has tried every means to integrate resources, driving buses such as No. 160 and No. 134 into Rainbow Bay successively. Earlier this year, the relevant departments held a residents'Symposium in Rainbow Bay to listen to residents' opinions and expressed that they would do their best to increase the number of buses to facilitate residents'travel. The new bus 887 is a concrete measure to implement the symposium at that time.neil massage
It is reported that 887 bus will pass through Caihongwan area such as Gaoyue Road, Hongwan Road, Sanmen Road and Liangcheng Road. Standing points are Yixian Road Rende Road and Hangzhou Road Henggao Road. Residents can easily transfer to Rail Transit Line 3.
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